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User agreement

Terms of Sale
Pursuant to and for the purposes of articles. 7 and 12 of Decree. n. 70, 9.4.2003, Glooke.com communicates to users the following information: the person providing the services covered by the General Conditions is GLP SRL, with registered office in Via Conegliano 96 internal 13, 31058 Susegana (TV), p.iva 04,457,800,268, to which refers to the name of Glooke.com.
The General Conditions shall apply to the services currently provided and the services provided by Glooke.com possibly in the future unless other instructions communicated at the time.
1. General and scope
These Terms apply to all sales made by Glooke.com on the site. They can be changed at any time, subject to the right of withdrawal User (see payments and withdrawal). Modifications and or new conditions will be in force from the moment they are published in this section of the site. The applicable conditions are those in force on the date of dispatch of the purchase order.
2. Registration
To become a member of Glooke.com you must register on the site: you can create your user account by clicking on "Create an account." Here you will be asked for your personal data (name, surname, email address and password) and accept the Terms and Conditions. Registration to the site is completely free, non-acceptance of the General Conditions will make it impossible to register with the site and make purchases on Glooke.com. After creating the account you will receive by email a confirmation of registration, the address you provided.
Attention, your Registration credentials must be used exclusively by the user and can not be sold to third parties. The user must promptly notify Glooke.com in case of suspected misuse of the same. The Registration Credentials will be modified by the user at any time by accessing the website under "My Profile."
You warrant that the Registration Credentials provided during the registration process to the Site are complete, true and correct. You agree to hold Glooke.com harmless from any claim, fine and or resulting in any way related to the breach by the rules on the registration on the Site. You alone are responsible for the access to the Site by the Credentials Registrar and is liable for any damage or injury to third parties or Glooke.com from misuse, loss, misappropriation by others or by the failure of the confidentiality of their registration credentials.
You can make a single user registration. Multiple entries will be deleted from Glooke.com. staff In the "My Profile" of the site the user can view and edit open orders, recently shipped and / or concluded as well as can manage and store personal information and subscription to the newsletter.
Glooke.com reserves the right to reject, in its sole discretion, recognizing any user. Glooke.com also reserves the right not to accept orders by any person, which are anomalous in relation to the quantity of products purchased or the frequency of purchases made on the site, as well as in connection with the improper use or suspicion of any gift certificates.
The user may at any time cancel your membership at Club Glooke.com by sending an email to marketplace@glooke.com
3. Pre-contractual information
In accordance with Legislative Decree 9 April 2003, n. 70 provides the rules of electronic commerce, Glooke.com informs you that:
• to conclude the purchase of one or more products on the site, you must fill out the order form and send it to Glooke.com, following the instructions that appear from time to time on the Site and that accompany the different phases;
• the contract is concluded when Glooke.com records the order form, after verification of the correctness of its order and payment data;
• before proceeding to the transmission of the user order form you may identify and correct any data entry errors by following the instructions from time to time indicated on the Site and that accompany the different phases; when you register your order form, Glooke.com will send you to the email address indicated an e-mail confirmation containing a summary of the General Conditions, information relating to the characteristics of the product purchased, a detailed indication of price of the means of payment used, the procedures for the exercise of the right of withdrawal, the shipping costs and any additional costs and an indication of the service. Please keep the e-mail receipt as proof of purchase or store it on a durable medium;
• the order form will be filed in the Glooke.com database for the time necessary to execute the order and in any case within the statutory deadline. To access your order form, you will see the "My Profile" - 'My purchases "Site where you will find a list of all orders placed.
4. Terms and conditions of purchase
The tenders published on the Site are available in limited duration and limited amounts of products. The validity of the tender date is indicated on the Site.
All prices listed on the site are expressed in Euro (€) and are inclusive of VAT. You can view prices with a currency by selecting the desired currency from the drop down menu in the upper right, next to the language selection. The gearbox is automatic and updated in real time via webservices. The contribution to the avoidance costs of the order and delivery is explicitly stated and are inclusive of VAT. This amount will be shown separately on the order form prior to sending and e-mail confirmation of the order.
The user will be charged the price of the product indicated on the Site when the order was sent by him.
The products remain the property of Glooke.com until payment of the purchase price and expenses from the user. Glooke.com shall proceed with the purchase order only after receiving confirmation of authorization to pay the total amount due, consisting of the purchase price, shipping costs and any additional cost, as indicated in the order form. Glooke.com reserves the right not to confirm orders from users with whom is litigation or in the case provided by point to the next paragraph.
5. Availability
The products offered on the site are limited in number and can be sold at discounted prices. It may therefore happen that the ordered product is no longer available after the purchase order is recorded. In all cases of unavailability of the product ordered, you will be promptly notified by e-mail and the purchase order will be canceled. If payment has already been executed, Glooke.com will refund the amount paid by the user, include contributions to the fulfillment of the order and expense of shipping, immediately, and in any case within thirty days of from the day after the order. The refund will be communicated via e-mail and credited through the payment method used to purchase or by bank transfer. Glooke. com accepts no responsibility for any delays in crediting, which depend on the bank or type of credit card used for payment. In any case, the value date of the amount credited will have the same.
6. Delivery
You can check your delivery into the website section "Shipping and Returns".
We remind you that:
• The timing of order fulfillment may vary depending on the type of goods purchased, the expected date of delivery is specified in the order summary and is shown for each product. In case of urgent need of the goods, please check the dates indicated in order to avoid unpleasant mishaps; We also invite you to contact our customer service in case of extra demand.
• Before confirming the order, make sure you have entered all the details related to the shipping, including a phone number to be contacted by the carrier in case it needs it, for example to notify you of its passage or to reschedule deliveries.
• The goods are shipped at buyer's risk, therefore notify you that any claim for damage to the goods must be reported immediately upon receipt of the goods; if the arrival of the package appears damaged the goods will not refuse the package, but signing the receipt with reservation, so we can verify with you the extent of the damage and take action accordingly. The Customer is protected by Italian law on the Right to Return (DL 15/01/92 n ° 50).
7. Withdrawal
You can check your delivery into the website section "Rightof withdrawal. "
8. Payment
On Glooke.com you can make payments through Paypal, Braintree, Bank transfer or one of the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Paypal Prepaid, Postepay, Carta Aura; except for the bank transfer, the payment is immediately displayed and then the time of delivery are calculated from the completion of the order, or at the time of the payment itself;
You can pay for an item with your credit card or debit card without having a PayPal account, free and secure. To pay for an item using PayPal without having an account, simply click on "Pay with Paypal", choose the option on your card and enter all the data required by the procedure. If you wish to pay by bank transfer, we wish to inform you that it takes about 3/5 days to receive the funds in the bank and then the shipping time means the date on which the payment will be visible on our bank account; To save time you can send us an accounting of the payment by mail at marketplace@glooke.com, always by arrangement with our customer service.
The data for the transfer of the header are:
Holder: GLP Srl Banca Della Marca, Branch of Parè Conegliano (TV), Italy
IBAN: IT44F0708461621025002611784SWIFT: ICRAITRRU40
9. Guarantees and non-conformity of the products
The products offered on the Site comply with national and Community legislation in force in Italy.
The description of the products offered on the site is that suppliers, under their own responsibility, have informed Glooke.com. The images and colors of the products displayed on the Site may differ from the real ones due to social settings of the systems and / or the tools used for their display. Glooke.com is not responsible for the mismatch between the ordered product and the product description on the website, if the mismatch resulting from errors of description attributable to the supplier and which Glooke.com was not and could not be familiar with the use of reasonable diligence.
All products sold on the Site are covered by the Legal Compliance Warranty expected by artt.128-135 of the Consumer Code ( "legal warranty"). The Legal Guarantee is for the consumers.
In case of lack of conformity of products purchased from the description published on the Site, you are entitled to repair or replace the product at no additional charge, if this is possible in relation to the number of items still available for sale and unless the replacement or repair are not excessively costly for the seller in consideration of the value that the goods would have if there were no lack of conformity, and the size of such a defect. Alternatively, the user has the right to terminate the contract or reduce the price, in accordance with the following provisions.
The seller is liable to the consumer for any lack of conformity which exists at the time of delivery of the product that become apparent within two years from that delivery. The lack of conformity must be reported to the seller, in voiding the penalty, within two months from the date on which it was discovered.
Unless proved otherwise, it is presumed that any lack of conformity which becomes apparent within six months of delivery of the product already existed on that date, unless this presumption is incompatible with the nature of the product or the nature of the lack of conformity. In order to use the Warranty Legal, the user must provide proof of purchase and date of delivery.
In the event of termination of the contract, Glooke.com return the price paid by the user, in addition to shipping costs and any additional costs.
In the case of price reduction, Glooke.com return the amount of the reduction previously agreed with the user.
In any case, the refund amount will be communicated to the user by way of e-mail and credited to the payment method used by the user for purchase.
The user shall agree with the Customer Service Glooke.com the method of delivery of the goods.
Excluded from Warranty Legal repaired, modified or altered in any way by the user. Also they excluded from the scope of the Legal Warranty failures or malfunctions or defects otherwise caused by accidental events or responsibility or by a use of the product inconsistent with its intended use and / or as provided in the documentation technical attached to the product, where it exists, or in the operating instructions relating to the same.
Conventional warranties for products sold are supplied directly from the manufacturer.
Glooke.com In no case can not be held responsible for the failure to comply with any one of the obligations arising from these General Conditions in the event that the failure is caused by fortuitous events and / or force majeure, including, title but not limited to, natural disasters, terrorist acts, network failures and / or blackout.
10. Duties and responsibilities of glooke.com
Glooke.com undertakes to correct all the errors in the description of the products offered on the Website, in the shortest time possible, starting from the report of the same. The reporting of such errors can be made by contacting the Customer Service Glooke.com to the addresses and numbers listed in the introduction.
Glooke.com is not liable for damages of any kind, resulting from installing and / or using the product improperly and / or not in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and in case of damage caused by accident or force greater.
Glooke.com not be liable in case of loss of revenue, profits, data or any other indirect damage of any kind arising out of or related to contracts subject to the General Conditions. The responsibility for Glooke.com, in any case, may not exceed the total value of the purchase.
Glooke.com In no event be liable for failure to comply with any of the obligations arising from contracts subject to the General Conditions in the event that the failure is caused by unforeseeable circumstances and / or force majeure, including, without limitation, natural disasters, terrorist acts, network failures and / or blackout.
11. Site content and intellectual property rights
The contents of Glooke.com, such as, for example, works, images, photographs, dialogues, music, sounds, videos, documents, drawings, figures, logos and any other material, in any format, published on the site, including menus, web pages, graphics, colors, schemes, tools, fonts, design of the web site, diagrams, layouts, methods, processes, functions and software, are protected by copyright and any other intellectual property of Glooke.com and other rights holders. The reproduction, modification, duplication, copying, distribution, sale or other exploitation of the image, the contents of the Site unless previously authorized in writing by Glooke.com.
All other brands that distinguish products sold on the Site are trademarks of their respective holders and are used by Glooke.com under license, for the sole purpose of distinguishing, describing and advertising the products for sale on the Site.
Any use of the brands mentioned above does not conform to the law, and as not authorized is prohibited. It is in no way be used in any distinctive sign in the site to take unfair advantage of the distinctive character or reputation of these or to damage them and their owners.
In no case the user can alter, change, modify or adapt the website or the material made available by Glooke.com.
12. Gift Vouchers
Glooke.com offers the possibility, in its sole discretion, registered users to receive gift certificates. The validity and value of the gift certificate are specified at the time of issue of the voucher. In the case of gift vouchers offered by Glooke.com at specific offer such coupons they will not be used for other offers. Gift certificates are non-transferable and non-transferable; are not redeemable for cash or mature interests, they can not be used to pay the postage. Glooke.com reserves the right to not accept coupons for orders of less than a certain amount. If the gift certificate amount exceeds the purchase amount, Glooke.com not refund or re-credit the remaining amount to the user. In the event that the user's order exceeds the value of the gift certificate, the difference amount will be paid by the user using the normal aforementioned payment methods. Also remember that if you made the gift certificates are non-refundable.

Return Policy

Pursuant to Article 5 of Legislative Decree 185 of 1999, the customer has the possibility to withdraw from the contract / order stipulated on the Internet without any penalty and without having to give any explanation, in compliance with the conditions that follow.

In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the customer must send written notice to one of the addresses indicated below, by e-mail or registered letter, no later than 14 (fourteen) working days from receipt of the products ordered, indicating their data, traceability code of the package received and any information useful for the identification of the customer on our part.

The Communication must contain:

the intention to avail itself of the benefit granted by Legislative Decree No. 185 of May 22, 1999;
the indication of the product (s) for which (s) you decide to make use of the right of withdrawal;
data relating to your bank account (if the customer wishes to be reimbursed by bank transfer).
To obtain a refund of the amount, the customer must, at his own expense, return the products purchased to the following address:

Via Conegliano 96, int 13
31058 Susegana (Tv) Italy
Telephone: +39 335 1816547
E-mail: marketplace@glooke.com

The return shipment must take place within fourteen working days from receipt of the goods and can be made by any means the customer deems most appropriate. Method of reimbursement of the fee: Glooke Marketplace will reimburse using the same payment method used by the customer when paying the order in the shortest possible time, and in any case within 30 days of receipt of the Notice. It is expressly understood that the costs of returning the product to Glooke Marketplace will remain the responsibility of the customer.

The right of withdrawal lapses:

For lack of the essential condition of integrity of the good (packaging and / or its contents)
Even partial use of the goods and any consumables
Lack of external packaging and / or original internal packaging
Absence of integral elements of the product (accessories, cables, manuals, parts ...)
Damage to the product for reasons other than transport
In each of the aforementioned cases, Glooke Marketplace reserves the right not to partially reimburse or refund the customer upon direct communication with it.