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To be able to make promises, first we have to tell you who we are :)

Glooke was founded in 2002 as a sign that operated four stores in the sports industry. The online sale began a year later in 2003, when there were very few e-commerce businesses. The first sales were made on eBay, trying to sell, with a little 'skepticism, the shoes of our physical stores Glooke Sport Outlet. To our surprise, we realized that the shoes liked and sold themselves, so the decision to invest in a dedicated person who, starting from January 2004, started to deal with e-commerce only.

In the following years evolution was continuous, first of all extending sales to other markets where eBay was present.

In 2008 the acceleration, thanks to the adoption of a software platform that allowed us to greatly increase the number of products published and above all to extend the number of marketplaces and, finally, the creation of our first site.

In 2011 Amazon arrives, initially a bit "timidly", but then with all its strength has started to impose itself more and more in the market. Then Glooke was structuring, but still a three people managed everything.

In 2015, finally, the decisive turning point Glooke Sport Outlet evolved into what is now the current Glooke Marketplace. A platform that today hosts 120,000 products of 3,000 different brands in all product categories. Cleaning and cosmetics, home, hobby & briko, electronics, sports, motors, fashion, toys etc .. A winning choice that has seen the exponential growth of orders and turnover.

Today Glooke Marketplace employs a structure of 10 dedicated people, to which are supported external consultants for the management of specific projects. We sell all over the world, with direct tax representations in Germany, France, Spain and England.

Customer service and satisfaction are the principles on which our daily work is based and develops the company.